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To our sister churches in fellowship with the Baptist Network Northwest, 

For 80 years our network has existed in the Pacific Northwest as a family of churches serving together to share the gospel. Formally beginning in 1940 with a vision to spread the good news, the Columbia Basin Mission began planting churches in rural communities that needed them. Over the years that work has resulted in over 200 church plants and mission sites in the Northwest served by hundreds of church planters and missionary pastors. While our name and geographic focus has changed, our passion for sharing the gospel and starting churches has not. 

Chances are the church you serve in today has been assisted by our network over the years: some through a missionary we sent to start your church; some through ministry grants and loans from our Revolving Fund; some through support and encouragement of your church with counsel and guidance at crucial moments; and all of our churches through the blessing of relationships that encourage us to keep going. Like any relationship, there are seasons marked by deeper closeness and other seasons marked by less closeness. The reason we are writing today is to cultivate a closer relationship with you and your church. 

Today we invite you to affirm your church’s commitment to BNN for the purpose of working together intentionally to “nurture fruitfulness in local churches through encouraging one another, equipping one another and extending ministry with each other.” For some this will be an easy decision based on your current connections to our ministry. For others, you may be less connected to us or our past involvements with your church. If that is the case, we want to encourage you to revisit the ways we have helped your church in the past and the ways we can work together today. Check out our web site. Talk to one our staff or council members. Let us know what questions you have about BNN. 

To help with this we have included the pamphlet ‘What is the BNN’ and a ‘Reaffirmation for Fellowship’ document. This will allow the BNN to know your desires of working together in the Northwest for the glory of God. 

What is the BNN brochure

Reaffirmation for Fellowship form 

Please complete by one of the following ways:

  1. Returning in Mail—BNN Fellowship Committee, Pastor Andrew Schopf, 322 Division St. S., Soap Lake, WA 98851.
  2. Scanning to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. In Person to Andrew Schopf

Nurturing fruitfulness in local churches, 

Baptist Network Northwest